Blog Profile: GEIKHA

Geikha hails from Buenos Aires and is a musical omnivore, recently influenced by UK Garage and Chicago Footwork. "I call what I do a hybrid of Footwork & RKT (Argentinian Reggaeton)."

Geikha also presented at a recent Tidal Meetup - now available on the Eulerroom YT Channel:

Geikha's approach is heavily driven by extended samples including looped vocals and songs. Also prominent is extensive customization of Tidal, including keystroke aliases, custom functions, and building up a performance session with patterns and snippets in a single do block.

The blog profile includes a fascinating discussion of the nature of live coding and working in Tidal - "the most powerful sampler-sequencer in the world."

The meetup session is a must watch for anyone wanting to learn about the use of extended samples and customizing Tidal. Check it out!

Giekha is also a great contributor to our community - serving as a Discord Moderator, contributing to documentation, fixing bugs, and posting regularly in the Club Tidal forum:

Great job!!