Club meeting!

Hi @cycle0 @cycle1 + all,

Lets try having a club online meetup!

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At this link:

It's the 'big blue button' system, hopefully should work fine in recent chrome / chromium / firefox browsers.. Lurkers welcome, just don't switch your webcam + mic on in that case. I haven't used this system before, hopefully it works fine, but if there are problems lets stay philosophical :slight_smile:

If you'd like to suggest a topic for discussion, or show something you've made then please add below, thanks!


I've been working on Rhythm and Song structures for personal use. Super alpha, but useful, and I like where it's going. I'll happy to share if there's interest.


Sounds great! We can also introspect a bit about tidal club, maybe plan an online stream of performances, and generally test out the video chat platform (big blue button).


Looking forward to it!

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That may be a perfect opportunity for club's beginners to take the plunge :ok_hand:


I'm sorry I had to leave before you could present - was the meeting recorded at all?
Were there any outcomes on a club performance?


Hey all, so I made a quick video demoing the rhythm thing I mentioned in the meeting.
I see more of these vids coming soon, so I decided to make a mini-series just to keep things together.
Anyway, tell me what you guys think!

edit: though not explained in the video, keep this in mind:

l a b c ... = [a, b, c, ...]

That's fantastic! I love that abstraction.

I want to second this. I'm sure I'm not the only lurker who's going through the ropes and already has some interesting experiments, but still too green to begin publishing videos. Having a good excuse to put things together and share among fellow novices would be grand. I'm super curious about the directions that other newcomers are taking with Tidal.

If others feel the same, it'd be worth setting up another thread to plan things? I'd love to help where I can (and obviously participate).

Cheers for a great idea!


nice! seconding @John_Murphy -

I've recently set up a github gist as a rhythm pattern reference, but you've taken that to 11 ( and made it way easier). Thanks for sharing!

@cleary No problem! I'm sure we can improve it :slight_smile: (also, can't wait to try that cuban rhythm out!!). I'm thinking in the future releasing this as a cabal package maybe?

@luluganeta +1 this! Encouraging beginners is the base for a thriving community

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Hi sorry for being a bit out of it, had an event to organise (hybrid livecoding workshop - archive here ) among other things

The meet wasn't recorded unfortunately.

Yep lets get organised with this performance session! I'll make a new thread


I got this working last night, very fun and incredibly useful! Thanks for sharing.

What are the benefits of using p "test" $ rs -- vs the more common -- d1 $ rs?

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Awesome! Let me know what you come up with. The p "test" is just a way to name players, for organizartion. Like p "drums", p "lead" or however makes more sense to you.

Thanks @ghales, that makes sense.

I haven't dug into modifying my boot.tidal much yet -- is there a way I can work on new rs patterns outside of the boot file, in real-time? Otherwise I'd have to keep rebooting tidal?

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This probably requires a monad or some other way to store mutable state - don't know of a simpler way right now. That's why I haven't done it yet ((:
Right now, I am doing the full reboot thing too, but I plan on improving this

edit: Actually, I think tidal-lazy might solve this. Will check it out!

edit 2: there's also the mutable haskell package

What do you want to store? There's already a state dictionary, which is how the control values and shared patterns work (via setF etc).. Maybe we should take this to the 'innards' category :slight_smile: