Controlling MIDI note-offs [SOLVED]

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Is there any other way to control the timing of MIDI note-offs other than # sustain ? The best would be something that behaves like # cut 1 for Dirt, so that it would send out a note-off at the end of the Tidal event.

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Very interested on this as well. Hope there is some kind of a way to make longer notes happen.

d1 $ midinote "36@4 ~ ~ ~ ~" # s "midi" # midichan 0

@ command produces longer notes I learned

But for unknown reason this does not produce expected results of the note varying in length... ??

d1 $ midinote "36@<0.1 0.3 0.5 1 2 3> ~ ~ ~ ~" # s "midi" # midichan 0

Hey, I think sustain does what you are looking for.

d1 $ n "0" # s "midi" # sustain "<0.125 0.25 0.5 1>"

This will change the note length at every cycle as expected. My problem with sustain is that it's parameters are in seconds which is kind of hard to manage if you want musical note lengths like quarters or eigths etc.

Regarding my original question I'm in serious doubt. Now I tired it out with Yoshimi on my home computer and it seems that it actually ends the notes as expected at the end of each event. In my studio where I use hardware synths I experienced it otherwise, but that might be the result something not Tidal related.

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[Edit] I checked it and Tidal definitely sends the note-off event after the end of the Tidal event. My bad.

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Nice, I'll look into the above code, thanks.

If you'd be so inclined you would be able to build something up with conjunction with say max for live to have a system of your original idea but I think that might be a bit overkill (?)

As it turned out you can give sustain duration shortcuts described in the post above. That solves it all.


Maybe I come way too late, but I found myself using legato in conjunction with MIDI messages.
I have to say I am quite happy about the way it both shortens and lengthens note durations - in case you want to keep some gliding contour in musical phrases if you happen to use some monophonic synthesiser.