Installing extra-samples with Quarks.gui

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere. Hoping this is relevant to others. I'm not having success installing the extra-samples pack from
I've tried
and also downloading and unzipping to the same directory as the other samples folder. Still getting "no synth or sample named 'rash' could be found.
module 'sound': instrument not found: nil"; dying to know what "rash" sounds like.
I'm running MacOs; used stack install.
Thanks, all!

You need to tell SuperDirt to load the samples. In SuperCollider, something like:

~dirt.loadSoundFiles("/Users/jsimon/Documents/ Simon's music/ Big audio files/samples-extra/*")

Change the path to match where you have them.

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Full walkthrough is here

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Those extra-samples are ones I've collected for a massively overdue album project. I give no assurances about provenance/copyright of those.. It's different from the samples-extra pack linked in the thread that @tedthetrumpet links to, although there will be some overlap.

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Worked like a charm. Thank you, gentlemen, thank you, thank you