Introducing an experimental new Tidal editor

I've mentioned this a couple of places, but over the last year, I've been developing, a web-based live code editor for my own use. It's the one I used for the last solstice stream, and I've finally figured out how to package it as an Electron application for the desktop!

You can download builds from GitHub right now—currently, there's a Mac app, a Windows installer, and a .deb Debian package, since those were the platforms I had on hand to test. I don't have a ton of desktop Linux knowledge, so I'd love if folks let me know what other types of releases would be useful.

Basic usage:

  • Open the app and it should launch an instance of Tidal Cycles, using the default BootTidal.hs file for your version of Tidal
  • Write and edit Tidal code, just like normal
  • Shift-Enter: Evaluate the current line
  • Ctrl/Cmd-Enter: Evaluate the current block of lines (basically, all lines separated by blank lines)
  • Escape: Clear terminal messages and dismiss the terminal

That's it so far! No file saving, no themes, no customization, though that sort of stuff is coming soon. As a tease, there's also most of the infrastructure for collaborative editing from earlier versions that I've been using, but it's not ported over to the desktop apps yet.

Currently, it just supports Tidal (though Hydra support is close), but the long-term plan is to build something that's optimized for the idiosyncratic needs of the live coder (performance, presentation, video streaming, etc), but lightweight enough that it's easy to hack with or build into other live code tools and so on. For now, feel free to file an issue, and I'm very curious to hear what folks think of it.


Hey @mindofmatthew, exciting stuff! It worked fine for me straight away (linux popos). Looking forward to seeing where it goes. :slight_smile:

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The next version (0.7.0) of is up! This one adds some rudimentary auto-indentation, file opening and saving, and a handful of other fixes. You can download builds here:

Once again, feel free to reach out with issues, suggestions, questions, etc. Thanks!


sick - I've been using this a lot, really enjoying it :smiley:

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This is brilliant, got it up and runing straight away

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New Release!

This build adds the ability to edit multiple files at once in a tabbed editor. Check it out and let me know if you have any issues or feature requests.