Mixing live with midi? (Dub Mix)

Hello, I have a question, is there or is there a way of creating like a midi mixer in tidal for all out puts?
I would love to fade in and mute the different parts manually live. Has someone done this? Like creating a live dub mix of the performance.


if I understand your question correctly, this should be pretty easy to do. here is the link from the tidal documentation that shows how to convert MIDI to OSC to control parameters in tidal (https://tidalcycles.org/Controller_Input/en). you can use commands like:
(range 0.5 2 $ cF 1 "1") in order to use midi cc similarly to how you would use sine or rand. with tidal 1.7 you could do something like # ampbus 1 (segment 64 $ range 0 1 $ cF 1 "1") in order to map cc 1 on your midi controller to the amp effect.

another way to do this could be to use a multichannel virtual cable like Black hole or JACK and route each channel to a different orbit. this can then be mixed in your DAW. Here is a tutorial for that:
Routing Tidal audio to Ableton - #5 by heavy.lifting.

I hope I understood your question correctly.:slight_smile:

feel free to reply with any further questions!