Online course - first four weeks now open access

The first four weeks of the tidal club online course are now fully >> open access here << . Please let me know if anything is inaccessible or confusing in any way and continue to ask questions etc in the lesson posts.

I need to tidy things up some more, but I hereby license all the videos and worksheets from the first four weeks under creative commons attribution sharealike license.

I've kept weeks 5-8 behind a pay(-as-you-feel-)wall for now, but as ever if you are hard up/are disadvantaged by a poor exchange rate then please pay £0 for the same access as everyone else.

Warm thanks to everyone who supported the course financially or just by participating by asking questions etc. I still hope to record weeks 9-12, although other pressures mean that this probably won't happen until the spring.


Very much looking forward to weeks 9-12 !!


@yaxu, thank you so much for this online course and to give the opportunity for people living in a "poor exchange rate" country to be able to learn too, the world it's so messy right now, every kindness attitude is important. cheers from brazil!

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My pleasure @sallum, I really hope things get less of a mess in 2021. Cheers from Sheffield !