Tidal club new moon - sign up info

Thank you @yaxu. Too sad, 10.20 am does not work (while 10.20 pm would be perfect). I will try to be faster registering next time. Have a good time everybody.


Some might have noticed that I reserved the first cycle in the stream for a video chat. It'd be great to have as many people as possible in the stream who are awake and available to say hello! Lets do that here: http://bbb.fo.am/b/ale-wk4-vpj

You can check the time of the first cycle here: https://moon.tidalcycles.org/


With big thanks to @cndsd the stream will be transmitted into the vr factory ! https://hubs.mozilla.com/gqsjpvs/tidalclub-newmoon


Ok we're about to begin. Please join the video chat for the first 20 mins here -> https://is.gd/tidalclub

You don't have to switch your webcam on!

Are we free to use the last three open slots or did anyone have problems with their stream?

I have a couple of people I might be bringing in as an improv group. Or we could make it open group improv on estuary?

Yes please take them! Purple with steam problems can always have another go at the end if they don't take a spare slot

Open jam starting at 08:40 UTC at https://estuary.mcmaster.ca

Ensemble is called newmoonjam
Password is newmoonjam

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I've got a heap of performances I need to catch up on - I've started indexing the youtube archive with timestamps if anyone wants to help me fill it out (or do it somewhere communal)?
It's late here, so I need to quit but here's a start:

@khoparzi https://youtu.be/ig0Jh6yXvP8
Nico https://youtu.be/ig0Jh6yXvP8?t=1080
@BongLebowski https://youtu.be/ig0Jh6yXvP8?t=2177

Ángel Jara https://youtu.be/2lO4BsfF53w
Pondskater https://youtu.be/2lO4BsfF53w?t=1065
@abalone1969 https://youtu.be/Jlh-npMdR6I
@martinmestres https://youtu.be/Jlh-npMdR6I?t=1197
Dago Sondervan https://youtu.be/Jlh-npMdR6I?t=2412
@mrreason https://youtu.be/Jlh-npMdR6I?t=3584

@ModiFICA Forero https://youtu.be/ayjNUtigSc0 (last 10 mins)
@dang https://youtu.be/ayjNUtigSc0?t=541
Maxwell Neely-Cohen https://youtu.be/ayjNUtigSc0?t=1606
@artheist https://youtu.be/ayjNUtigSc0?t=2740
@kit-christopher https://youtu.be/ayjNUtigSc0?t=3919


Thanks a lot for this! Longer term I think @sfradkin intends to edit and re-upload the videos individually

I@kit-christopher's set has a copyright claim on a Poppin' My Collar sample, and another has a claim on the video of a volcano erupting.. So some videos might not be visible or appear with ads / parts silenced. We have a safe archive of them before they got to youtube though

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@yaxu, we're still working through the backlog of the Equinox stream :yum:

But yeah will be editing them into smaller clips and reuploading.

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@cndsd Your hubs room looks beautiful.

I can upload my set direct, with hi-res source / sound, if needed.


@nilhartman so sorry i missed the set yesterday :cry: i got super slammed with work. hope it went well! can't wait to watch the archive footage!

No worries my friend. First 30 ~ seconds got truncated I believe, I don't really know why :smiley: Otherwise it all went pretty nicely. How did yours go ?

Many, many sets to catch up on as well.


I’ve been working on an automated scripted solution to automate splitting/editing/merging videos, upload to YouTube and archive.org when we do marathon streams like this. I’ll be taking some much needed time off of work soon and I intend to get it working. I’d like to get the Equinox videos completed then will work through the New Moon videos.


Hello, I had a big problem yesterday.. a fucking space in the url of the streaming! sorry but 10 minutes is better than nothing!


Ah that's what happened, how frustrating!
I mentioned the 10mins just in case it was an issue that meant your stream was split into parts (and I ran across the other part later)

I'm afraid I missed yours too! I'll be catching up on it as soon as I can though :slightly_smiling_face:

I'll save him the modesty - it was a highlight out of the sets I saw. Musically, technically and sonically excellent.
I'm gutted to hear it's got a copyright claim on it already, was looking forward to some re-listening :smirk::headphones:

That 2nd track in Kit's set is absolutely stellar indeed! I've yet to watch most sets too, it's currently a bit confusing to navigate through the whole marathon.

How did yours go @cleary ?

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