Weeks 5-8 - Index

Here's a thread linking together all the materials from the second four-week block of the Learning TidalCycles course.

The lessons for each week are posted in the below thread.

Plus, live stream archives:

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Week 5 - notes, chords arpeggios and scales

  1. Musical notes - Using note numbers or names, with a sidetrack about how to look at the actual values inside (the first cycle of) a pattern.
  2. Playing chords and arpeggios + the emerging artform of .. Algoraoke
  3. Adding and using SuperDirt synths - part 1, the basics
  4. SuperDirt synths part two - comissioned guest lesson from @eris, making synths from scratch!

Week 6 - canons, scales, controlling MIDI, etc

  1. Canons with 'off' - making a transformed version of a pattern follow after itself
  2. Musical scales - including navigating them with waveforms
  3. Controlling MIDI with Tidal - triggerings notes and effect changes
  4. Controlling Tidal with MIDI - with e.g. a MIDI control surface

Week 7 - composing functions and longer-form music

  1. Composing patterns together - with overlay, stack, append, cat, seqPLoop and seqP
  2. Composing functions together - with .
  3. Composing tracks with the ur function - making patterns of patterns

Week 8 - loads of functions

  1. Shifting time - beat rotation with <~ and ~>
  2. Week 8, Lesson 2 - Binary patterns with struct, stitch and sew
  3. Week 8, Lesson 3 - fitting values to patterns with 'fit'