Direct recording and why not?

Apologies guys a newbee here. Trying to keep it simple.

I have several Tidals that I wish to capture the audio. Please tell me a reason why I shouldn't capture directly from my headphone output jack on my MacBook Pro and manipulate via Audacity??

I'm not going to tell you not to do something that is working for you.

But here is a post with multiple responses on how others approach recording:

Recording directly from SuperCollider
Th is an easy way to record audio output. From the IDE, search on Recorder to get details. There is a menu option in Server to Start Recording, uncheck to stop. Or you can access the server menu options by clicking anywhere on the server "stats" bar in the bottom right. For the default recordings location on your hw run this command in the IDE:


SuperCollider generates the audio, so there is no more direct way to capture audio output than this. The SuperDirt orbits options outlined in the other post is more advanced. That is the best way to route audio from SuperCollider into other applications (DAWs, Max, etc).