Map string to number for named CC values

In some of my synths I can select a wave form with CC values. For example CC value 0 sets sine and CC value 64 sets square and 127 sets triangle.

I can change the wave form with d1 $ ccv "0 64" # ccn 103 # s "midi". But this requires me to remember that the value 0 corresponds to the sine, etc (in reality I have more options than just three).

Is there a way to write something like this d1 $ ccv "sine square" # ccn 103 # s "midi"? Similar to the drums (like "bd") that are mapped to integers.

I found this answer Sample names with emojis? which only works with single character values.

I just found this topic and will give it a try: Using "Let" to give midi note numbers names (probably really obvious!)