[Solved] Cant send OSC data to another target

I am trying to capture information from tidal from both superdirt and processing to begin experimenting with visual synthesis from tidal. I've tried following this page on custom OSC as well as this and this* (club.tidalcycles dot org/t/synchronising-multi-stream-osc/1577/8) without luck. My current Tidal.ghci file has these lines from the last link pointed:

tidal <- startStream defaultConfig [(superdirtTarget, [superdirtShape]),
                                (superdirtTarget {oPort = 7070}, [superdirtShape])

The error that keep showing in my screen whenever I send startStream is:

Listening for controls on
Control listen failed. Perhaps there's already another tidal instance listening on that port?

This is the same error that shows when I try to follow the page on custom OSC.

Thank you in advance!

* couldnt link because of new users restriction

Hi, I've figured it out from the examples here in the forum. It was a missing parameter. Solved adding cCtrlListen = False. Sorry for starting the thread.

Hi @rafael,

I think this means you already have a tidal stream running from something like a startTidal call.. If so you could comment that out. Then you could switch control listening back on which would be useful if you want to receive e.g. midi control messages into tidal.

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