Tidal Club live stream #1 with Heavy Lifting, 9am BST, Sat 18/Apr/2020

Ok members of @cycle0, we've scheduled the first live stream at 9am BST (GMT+1), Saturday 18th April 2020. To find the time in your local timezone, click through to the video and it should give it for you on youtube:

We'll talk about learning Tidal, some of Lucy's live coding collaborations, and have some time at the end for open q+a!

Sorry if you'll be asleep then in your part of the world, you'll be able to watch the archive, and we'll schedule the next one at 9pm on a different day, hope to catch you then!


Is too early for Argentina! I guess will watch it later <3

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Oops yes that's your 5am! Sorry will do the next one at 5pm Argentina time :slight_smile:


Thanks all, that was fun + great questions! The above link works for the video archive, feel free to ask more follow-up questions here.

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Just finished watching, interesting discussion, thanks!
I was planning to watch live this morning but I overslept :grinning:

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Nice thanks.
I'm in PST so I'll be asleep but I'll watch the archive. And thanks for considering us on the next one!


It's already happened Ben, 12 hours ago, so you can watch it now if you want :slight_smile:

oh, HA!
Hopefully it went well. I'll watch later thanks.

Just caught up on this and the rest of the lessons thank you! How do you guys capture your streaming audio? It sounds really good! Any tips?

@yaxu In the video someone asked about integrating tidal into other tools. You mentioned possibly posting some links to examples. I'd love to see more about that.

I think @heavy.lifting was just using her laptop mic, going into a https://meet.jit.si video conference. I was using a cheapish vocal mic (Behringer XM8500) going into a usb sound modeul (actually a digital mixer). I had to do some audio routing to avoid feedback, but otherwise fairly straightforward. Then it all goes into obs-studio for streaming.

I think that was synchronisation via Ableton's Link protocol https://tidalcycles.org/index.php/Link_synchronisation. You can also output MIDI clock https://tidalcycles.org/index.php/MIDI_Clock

There's also the possibility to have MIDI and OSC input, that I'll run through sometime too. https://tidalcycles.org/index.php/Controller_Input


Interesting. That's useful. I was also interested in how tidal integrates with something like Estuary where, if I understand correctly, it's running directly in the host process rather than communicating via midi or osc. But that's probably beyond the scope here and I should go look at the code more before I ask questions even if it's not.

Thanks both, really interesting discussion. Lucy ran the first workshop I did on FoxDot last year, which was great. What she said about the differences between FoxDot and Tidal very much rings true with my experience using both so far. Looking forward to seeing where I end up with them.

If anybody is London based and has ambitions of organising some shows in our post-apocalyptic future, drop me a message.